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Military / Government Moving

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Military Moving Made Easy With Our Professional Movers:

Employees of the US military force are some of the most disciplined people on the earth. And when they need assistance with their move, they trust Roadway Van Lines who also demonstrate same discipline & competence. While our specialized movers in Maryland, DC, and Virginia don’t quite go through military style training, they do go through a far more strict training process compared to the typical movers. As a long-time military moving service provider in Rockville, we understand what families and organizations in the military forces require to make a military move successful. Today we are proud to be the preferred moving company for military stationed in Maryland, DC, and Virginia. We’ve adapted our service to not just meet but surpass the expectations of our military clients with absolute discretion and precision.

Local Military Moves:

Perhaps you are being reassigned from Fort Detrick to Andrews Air Force Base or other military stationed in the DC metro region. The relocation mayn’t cover many miles, but we are dedicated to make sure a smooth transition for your & your family through our customizable military moving service.

Long Distance Military Moves:

You might be presently stationed at a military camp in another part of the country. If a reassignment needs you to move to DC, Maryland or Virginia, rest easy knowing that we’re fully insured and bonded to carry out moves across state lines.

Short-Term & Long-Term Military Storage:

No matter how temporary or long-term your storage needs are we offer both short-term and long-term military storage solutions for your convenience. Our secure, climate-controlled storage space makes sure your belongings are safe with us until you return.

Whether you’re in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, or Coast Guard, we are here to make your military moving as stress-free and affordable as possible. Call us now to get your military moving quote.