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Delivery Day

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Delivery day

You or your designated agent must be available between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Before the truck is unloaded, you can expect to do a walk-through with the driver and the delivery crew to identify any pre-existing damage to the residence and to let them see the layout of the home to determine the best way to unload your household goods. As with your loading day, the delivery crew is required to put down some type of material to protect your flooring and any tight corners that may be in the residence as well.

Keep track of your inventory.

Prior to the delivery crew offloading your household goods, they will give you the inventory sheets so you can check off the “numbers” to ensure everything is delivered. The use of bingo cards/check-off sheets is another way the crew can check off the numbers. These are only internal moving company documents.


Personally check off all numbers on the inventory sheet.

Do not let the delivery crew check off the numbers on the inventory sheet. This is not in your best interest.

As the boxes come off the truck, you should expect to direct the crew to a room where you’d like each one to go. If you’ve got friends or family who can help during this phase, that’s always a bonus.

Verify all of your items have been delivered.

Once the truck is empty, you should verify on the inventory sheet that everything has been delivered.


Note lost or damaged items.

  • Note any missing items on the inventory sheet before you sign it.
  • Note any damage that may have occurred to the residence.
  • Any items not received or that arrive damaged should be written on the Notification of Loss or Damage at Delivery form provided by the driver.
  • Remember to keep your inventory sheets until your claims process is complete.


Select how to have your goods unpacked.

Unloading at destination includes the one-time laying of rugs and the one-time placement of furniture and items in a place you or your representative has designated. You also have a couple of unpacking options the delivery crew can do for you:

  • Full — the movers unpack all the contents of the boxes in your specified rooms. (Additional fee)
  • Partial — the movers open, but do not unpack, boxes in select areas. (Additional fee)
  • Basic -The movers reassemble any furniture that they took apart at the origin (beds, couches, etc.).


Clean Up

The movers are responsible for hauling away empty boxes and packing materials after they’ve finished delivering your belongings, but they are not required to come back after that. If you ask them to come back to take your empty boxes and they agree to do it, that’s great. If possible, have everything piled up in one location to get this done quickly.